Knowing Why Web Based Software Become Lawyers’ Choice

There is no denying that technology has dipped its hands into every industry, including the legal profession.  Are you aware that the American Bar Association publishes yearly a report on technology trends within their industry?

The multi-volume report gives an insight on how technology is being used by legal practitioners to their advantage.  Let’s see why web-based software is fast becoming the preferred application in the legal profession.

Convenience and Affordability

Did you know that about 72% of single practitioners and small firm lawyers make use of web-based software?  This technology is used mostly for online storage of legal and office documents.  But why rely on web-based software instead of standalone or locally installed ones?

Surprisingly enough, many of these single and small firm practitioners have realized the benefits of using online document storage; which are affordability and convenience.  In fact, as much as 67% of single practitioners and 78% of small firm legal practitioners are captured by the ease of data access that the technology provides.

The benefit of conveniently accessing needed information from virtually anywhere is one of the greatest benefits that they can think of.  To add to this, the technology allows information to be accessed across platforms and not just conventional desktop or laptop computers.  Any time, they can pull up files from using their phones and tablets.

Aside from eliminating the need to run back to the office every now and then to get files and information, affordability is also something that goes into play.  Understandably, single practitioners and lawyers in small firms work with a limited budget as compared to those in bigger law firms.

By using available technology, they are able to work on a level playing field even if they do not have a local network server or communications platform.  Web-based software gives them the needed functionality at a fraction of the cost.

Availability and Portability

Most lawyers work beyond the normal office hours, especially when preparing for cases.  This means that they need information to be available to them any time of the day and basically, every day of the week.  But how can that be possible if the office is closed during weekends?  Do you force people to come in?

Using web-based software has allowed legal practitioners to find a sensible solution to this problem.  This is because by using web-based application, information becomes available practically any time it is needed.  As much as 72% of single practitioners and 67% of those working in small law firms agree that this benefit has helped increase their performance in delivering legal services to their clients.

Many legal practitioners are not technically adept.  This is no big secret.  Perhaps this is the reason why 56% of single practitioners as well as 53% of small firm lawyers find the ability to easily setup web-based applications especially attractive.

More importantly, these applications can be run and managed from almost anywhere allowing them to create a portable law office as long as an internet connection is available.

Security and Collaboration

The legal profession is all about security.  Safeguarding the critical and personal information of clients is of paramount importance.  This is why many lawyers who use web-based applications useful because of the level of security it provides.  Not only can they be assured that information is encryption protected, but they also gain the ability to backup and recover information.

With the confidence in the security measures implemented through web-based applications, lawyers can now use the internet to collaborate with other lawyers or keep their clients abreast of all developments.  This enhancement also improves the ability of lawyers to manage not only their schedules, but client information as well.  Document sharing, communicating, and even billing can all be done online.

As a backdrop to all these benefits from web-based software, lawyers also benefit from reduced IT deployment.  To make sure that you do not lose out on any of these benefits, talk to a provider that specializes on lawyers’ needs.

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