Easy Access to Data Back Up in Court with Law Firm Cloud Computing

Remote Computing for Law Firms with NexStep

Having easy access in law office is no longer a dream for lawyer, NexStep comes with the latest technology in remote computing for law firms that will help lawyers in storing law data and improve their legal practice.

Imagine this scenario on the first day of trial, Judge Delight, oblivious to my logistical problems, motioned us to approach the bench for a side-bar conference. “Well,” he said, “can you prove that you wrote to them about this or not?”

“Of course, your Honor. But not right now. Not in open court, in full view (if not full hearing) of the jury. My office is two blocks away. The proof is in my correspondence file.”
“That’s your problem, counselor, not mine. Step back. The objection is sustained.”

Remote Computing Your Law Firms Instantly

If you were a NexStep client, the narrative would have been very different. If you had outsourced your apps, data, and office structure, You would have satisfied the judge. Delightful. You could have proved, in seconds when, how, and what you said in that letter six months ago.

A paper copy was in the office, but the digital proof would be in your notebook, with everything else in your office. Like most trial lawyers, you’d formed the odious habit of trucking boxes full of pleadings and discovery documents to the courtroom, but not the correspondence backers. You’d heard that true remote technology is a reality, but thought your firm couldn’t step up to the financial plate right now. But you can.

If you had NexStep as your law firm cloud computing partner, your sense of confidence, and your newly obvious organizational prowess can put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on the witnesses, the judge, the jury, and counsel. Access your office network from anywhere that has wireless internet connectivity, instantly, and inexpensively. With NexStep, cloud computing Phoenix, you could have brought the entire network to the courtroom (instead of just your laptop).