What Law Firm Technology gives You?

Freedom. Wouldn’t it be great to practice law in a management-free technology environment? Save money, time, overhead, and staffing costs.

With the freedom to work anywhere, anytime, with broadband connectivity, you might even save the time you take to dress up, drive, diagonally park, walk to your high-rise office, ride up, and then, eight hours later, do it all over again, in reverse.

That’s real freedom. You wanted to practice law, not manage technology, right?

Security. Are you conflicted by the economic and management choices between the professional reality of e-filing, e-discovery, email, and data mining and the high vulnerabilities and risks in cyberspace?

Secure your data with NexStep, the best cloud computing company in Phoenix Arizona for small to medium law firm with the best security system.

NexStep adheres to best practices, regarding lawyer’s ethical duties to clients and the court.

Technology. Today’s lawyers process data at a rate that is exponentially faster than in the 20th century. Lawyers and law firms must have a complete understanding of data creation, storage and production.

NexStep’s law firm technology helps lawyers plan and manage data.

Governing your data requires policies and technologies to balance the risks associated with data retention against the need to collect and use data to drive better legal decisions.

Mobility. Would you like to run your practice on a mobile-friendly and secure platform?

One that gives you the ability to take your confidential data from the office to any destination on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or access it on your home computer, with the confidence it is protected from interception.

Let NexStep, cloud computing Phoenix navigate the complex web of Wi-Fi, WLAN transmitters, GSM networks, and sensors for you to conduct business wherever your life takes you.

Economy. Can you afford to not have the technology that makes you accessible to your clients, the courts or to vital electronic data? If you’re electronically “down”, you might as well be out of business.

NexStep is an economical, offsite solution delivered on a monthly recurring charge per user.

Our uniquely private network is the best cloud computing choice for a solo or small firm. No capital costs, nothing to depreciate, or replace.