Focus on Your Competencies

Law firms with strong leaders are successful because they focus on a very few core competencies – legal skills, experience, talented lawyers, client relationships, professional ethics, and resource management. They use the innovation in law firm technology to increase their competencies and focus on their legal practice.

Traditional lawyers rarely includes computer technology and network management as a core competency, and the modern law firms that choose to manage their own IT departments sometimes spend more time and money on technology than on client service.

In-house computer systems, with on-site databases, routers, switches and multiple servers, work well for large capitalized firms. They can afford high priced technology talent and are willing to invest working capital in technology, not just in lawyers.

Moderate sized firms, even those with strong lawyers and good clients, can rarely afford the kind of IT talent that uses up resources necessary for client service. Mid size firms end up spending large blocks of time trying to understand and manage their IT budgets and personnel.

Therefore the solution to all of the problems occurred in many law firms is lawyers need to focus on their legal practice and rely on law firm technology in providing the reliable computer application hosting like NexStep that will support their law firms practice.

Law Firm Technology for Managing Document in Your Legal Practice

Management free technology is a core lesson in the computer industry as well as in life itself—it is almost impossible to do everything well without it. Smaller firms find it nearly impossible to practice law full time and still keep IT budgets in line.

For some firms, the answer will be NexStep’s cloud based law practice management and low cost alternative to a high end in house solution. NexStep is cloud computing Arizona’s first ISP/ASP/Independent collaborator to relocate the core elements of a law firm’s computer system offsite. It’s not just cost, it’s geography.

Some lawyers still resist the notion of outsourcing IT, not with standing the financial advantages. The truth is, it doesn’t matter where the servers, or the data is located. You can practice law from anywhere.

Why not take your apps, data, and confidence with you? It doesn’t matter where or how the technology works. All that matters is that it is completely available on a real time basis to everyone on the system, no matter when or where they need to access the data. Most importantly, the maintenance, upgrading, and responsibility for all of it can be outsourced at a fraction of the cost of an internally driven solution.

The path to digital clientspace will be paved by increasing the functional use of technology, not by how it is financed, or where it is physically housed.