What is NexStep?

NexStep is a suite of cloud-based services and software designed for the legal industry. NexStep customers subscribe to the specific products their firm needs, such as Microsoft Office for document processing or Microsoft Exchange for email management. NexStep offers a complete, end-to-end solution for law firms to host and manage their practice. The key to understanding NexStep is that all servers used in the day-to-day practice are located offsite in our cloud. So are the software, data, routers, switches and connecting elements.

Why not just use generic cloud services such as Google Apps, Office 365 or Amazon?

Generic cloud services such as Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 or Amazon Web Services are great services for some industries. In contrast, lawyers and law firms have unique application, mobility, security and ethical considerations that general cloud service providers simply don’t address. NexStep is a cloud service made for the legal industry, built from the ground up with these unique considerations in mind.

Why is NexStep better than an in-house solution?

Improved Flexibility & Access – Now the entire office, attorneys and support staff can be productive whether in the office, on the road, in court, or anywhere there’s a connection to the Web. You also aren’t tied to any one device – use your desktop, your laptop, your smartphone or a tablet to work.

Reduced Infrastructure & Support Costs – The NexStep cloud-based service eliminates costly equipment investments and maintenance for in-house servers and other equipment. NexStep also saves you software licensing fees.

Management-Free Technology – A move to NexStep means technology issues are no longer your issues – we take care of that for you, allowing you and your team to focus on the work that really matters, supporting your clients and growing your practice.

Do I need to have an Internet connection?

Yes. An Internet connection is required to access your NexStep cloud solution, whether it’s through an Internet line or wireless connection in your home or office, or via your mobile device.

Can I access NexStep from my smartphone or tablet or Mac?

Yes, you can access everything on NexStep from your smartphone or tablet or Mac. And, you can link your smartphone or tablet or Mac with your NexStep email account. You can link your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry to your NexStep Microsoft Exchange account. We even support accessing your email via a web browser.Similar to using a mobile device, you’ll be able to access your NexStep environment using your Mac. This is one of the many advantages of NexStep – it gives you access to programs that are not Mac-compatible, without having to run a Windows Operating System.

What happens if I cancel? How do I get my data back?

While we hope to be your cloud service provider for a very long time, all NexStep services are month-to-month, and you can cancel your service at any time. Our terms and conditions clearly state that any and all data you store on NexStep is your property. Should you ever cancel we will be helpful and cooperative to return your data to you on a SSD hard drive.

How secure is NexStep?

Very secure. Lawyers have an ethical responsibility to take steps to ensure that their clients’ data is securely stored and remains confidential. As a cloud service provider for the legal industry, NexStep shares this responsibility. We’ve built our cloud infrastructure from the ground up with security in mind. It includes physical security, anti-hacker security, intrusion prevention, and military-grade encryption. Each customer has their own segregated environment containing their own Exchange Server and their own file and data servers. Access is via Citrix and requires 2-factor authentication for all users and administrators.

Protecting our clients data is one of our primary functions. To do this we use a backup procedure that includes incremental backups twice a day and we also offer optional full backups stored offsite.

In addition to NexStep’s multiple backup technology our clients data is housed in ultra-secure data centers using enterprise-grade equipment, including top-end firewalls to ensure their information is locked down and protected from external threats. Our data centers also have back-up power generators and data is stored on encrypted servers. The danger of one of our clients loosing any data is extremely low.

What are the ethical concerns for attorneys with cloud computing?

Now that cloud computing is mainstream many bar associations have shared their opinions on cloud computing, and even recommend it as a preferred service. Most fears about trusting client information to ‘the Internet’ are misplaced. One misconception is that client information may be intercepted as it travels across the Internet. Modern encryption has progressed to the point where it is unbreakable. Your client information is more secure stored on our professionally managed cloud server than on your internet connected office computers.

How does migration work? How do you get my software, data and email to NexStep?

Our data migration is a hands-on process by which we review your current data environment and develop and execute your migration plan to NexStep. We will move your software applications, email and data to NexStep.Every NexStep client is a little different but typically setting up your NexStep environment can be done in a matter of days. The final leg of the migration process is typically completed over a weekend, so when you and your staff arrive on Monday morning you are ready to go.

How reliable is NexStep?

Very reliable. To deliver this reliability, we’ve built a world-class infrastructures. Our data center is HIPAA compliant.

Will my existing software work on NexStep?

Yes, NexStep is a hosting platform designed to host legal practice management software, and can host most legal, windows-based software. We’re experts in hosting, migrating and supporting the most popular software used by law firms.

Will my printers and scanners work on NexStep?

Yes, NexStep is compatible with virtually all printers, scanners and multifunction devices. Your local and network printers will appear and work within your virtual desktop just as they do on your local computer. NexStep also makes scanning a breeze and supports scan to desktop, scan to folder and scan to email.