Secure Your Data With Our Attorney Cloud Storage

Secure Cloud Storage for Attorney and Lawyer with NexStep

The NexStep Service includes real time backup as well as multiple versions of document redundancy. It backs up your data real time, online as you are entering information using storage mirroring technology.

Multiple times each day it replicates your documents to a backup server at the same location and nightly it backs up your data to one of NexStep’s other physical servers.  That means your documents are backed up a minimum of four times – the drive on the data server you are connect to when you use your NexStep application, a mirrored drive on that same data server, a redundant data server at and a backup server.

Did you know?

  • 75% of all US business experiences a business interruption
  • 43% of US companies never reopen after a disaster
  • 29% more go out of business within three years
  • 93% of companies that experience a significant data loss are out of business within five years

NexStep data storage and backup protects your valuable documents in a variety of ways

  • NexStep Real Time Data Redundancy
  • NexStep Mirrored Server Replication
  • NexStep Data Redundancy
  • NexStep Backup Server

NexStep provide law firm technology in the cloud and let lawyers back in business even if your laptop has been stolen or lost; or your office and all your computer equipment has been destroyed in a natural disaster or fire.

With NexStep computer hosting service, you will be back online as soon as we restore your backed-up data or, most of the time, by simply logging in from another computer.  No data loss, no business interruption. We are the best in providing cloud based law practice management.

Can your firm afford to not have this kind of service in your business interruption and continuation plan?