Maximize Your Firms’ Financial Value

All lawyers use email today to practice law. Many do so because email is a time-saver. They think the old way—Time is money. But time is not money, not anymore. Information is money. That’s the new normal for lawyers.

Email is just a stunningly fast courier service. That accounts for why small and mid-size firms with under-funded technology budgets often miss the real opportunity to re engineer and maximize the use of law firm technology using the internet.

Email functionality is a must-have technology resource in every law firm. Many law firms still think they can manage email in-house with low cost solutions like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. Those lawyers miss the point because they still think time is money.

There are two kinds of lawyers these days. The digital lawyer of the future, and the analog lawyer of yesterday. The difference is how they see financial value. Is time money or is information money?

Easily Manage Your Legal Practice with the Innovation in Law Firm Technology

Digital lawyers have high-end access to technology and the requisite skills to use it. Analog lawyers see technology as a necessary but bothersome aspect of practicing law.

Digital lawyers understand the functionality and financial benefits of outsourcing IT. Analog lawyers keep up the façade of internal solutions based on a misunderstanding of the real value of information.

The digital world constantly demands an environment where new tools for processing and communicating information add real value to information that is why the innovation of law firm technology in cloud computing is a necessity; the analog world tries hard to make do with what they have.

Digital lawyers understand that developing new relationships and business strategies has become the central concern of the economic system. Are you a digital or an analog lawyer? The difference is how you see technology in your firm and whether you want to keep it onsite, or outsource it.

The central concern of law firms is, and ought to be, the practice of law, not the complexity of technology or the enormous cost of solving the lawyer’s service obligations. Law firms that outsources their IT solution, know that although advances in technology constantly present opportunities to save time, the most novel characteristic of these technologies may be in how they operate on space and distance.

Lawyers are in the “information” business every bit as much as they are in the “legal” business. While automation often means that “time is money” in law practice, the more important message of the digital age is that “information is money.”

NexStep cloud computing Phoenix provides the legal workers a lawyer cloud storage with the latest technology in cloud computing, which will maximize their practice in obtaining the latest information needed, and become the modern digital lawyer.