Benefits of Management Free Technology for Law Firms

There is a growing sentiment in the legal industry that the most successful law firms of the future are those that have lawyers who can effectively apply prevailing technologies in engaging with their clients.

This means that having technical savvy lawyers would be a gold mine for all types of law firms; big and small.  In fact, there is a very real possibility that technology will help change the operation of law firms within the next few years.  So how does a management free technology environment fit into this picture?

Focus on Training

A recent survey revealed that roughly 39 percent of lawyers believe in the importance of technology training.  Despite the seemingly low percentage, there is actually a rise on the interest among lawyers on learning how technology works.  There are also a substantial number of lawyers who believe that they have enough knowledge how technology works.

If this is the case, in-house technology training will play a big role in ensuring that prevailing technology works in favor of lawyers.  However, lawyers should be more concerned on how the technology would work to help them become better litigators instead of worrying if their data has been properly backed up or they are safe from data breaches.  Removing technology management from the equation and putting it in the hands of experts will ensure better performing law firms.

Negate Firm Size

It is a given fact that larger firms have bigger budget when it comes to implementation of technology.  Most of these larger firms have the right tools to run their companies properly in terms of technological requirements beyond current trends.  Many small and solo law firms do not even have the capability to do video conferencing or consult with clients over the Internet.

Budgetary constraints on small and solo law firms include issues with hardware, software, and technology management.  By using management free providers, all of these issues are negated allowing small and solo law firms to compete on even footing with their larger counterparts.  For bigger firms, this means cutting down their budget for technology maintenance and allocating elsewhere that will bring more benefits to the company.


Today, we live in a mobile computing world.  This means that people are going on the Internet, reading their files, and doing their computing more on mobile phones and tablets rather than conventional desktop computers or even laptops.

If an office network of computers is difficult to manage, what more for a mobile computing environment?  Everything gets even trickier especially when it comes to the issue of security because very few people (including lawyers) make use of encryption technology to protect mobile data.  Wouldn’t it be better if your law firm is freed from this management headache?

Social Networks

The role of social media in our society has reached a point where it has become such an influential factor in the decision making of many people, even those in corporate environments.  Perhaps this is the reason why although lawyer blogs are decreasing, law firm blogs are increasing.

Social networks that are frequented by professionals and company decision makers have provided a good fishing ground for many law firms to land high-valued clients.  Unfortunately, when not properly managed, the law firm can fall prey to unscrupulous individuals by compromising vital data from their current and previous case logs.  This is where technology management expertise becomes critical.

Law Practice Management Software

Would you believe that as much as 25 percent of law firms prioritize investing in law practice management software?  As if choosing the right software is not challenging enough, you also have to contend with managing the software in relation with the current technology used by your law firm.

This type of transition to modernization however is something that cannot be sidestepped.  So the wise move is to invest in the right law practice management software while simultaneously leaving the management of your law firm’s technology in expert hands.

Now that you have an idea how a management free technology environment can benefit your law firm, the next step is to find the right partner.  When it comes to law practice management technology, you can rely on the expertise of NexStep.

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