What Lawyers will feel after Using the Cloud

Do you know that as a lawyer, you could be working in the cloud at any given time?  The truth is that many lawyers are unaware that they are using cloud computing technology simply because the concept is still foreign to them.

It is unavoidable, especially for startup law firms not to make good use of the advantages offered by cloud computing like mobility, convenience, affordability, flexibility, and round-the-clock access.

Researching the Technology

Are you surprised that you could be using cloud technology without even knowing it?  Do you have dropbox for document sharing?  This is one type of free cloud computing service that is widely used with a limited feature, but not many know that it is part of the cloud.

You do not have to fall into the technology blindly though, just like preparing for a court case, investing some time in research will help you to maximize the use of the technology and widen your options.  For example, by using cloud to store your data, your law practice can go paperless.  What is the advantage?

If you are a small law firm or have a solo practice, using cloud technology allows you to level the playing field in terms of scalability of operations and lower management costs.  Instead of having a pool of secretaries keep tabs of your documents or hire a team of IT experts to make sure your computing is in order, cloud technology can provide you with both at a fraction of the cost.  You also get substantial add-on values like increased security and productivity.

Convenience and Savings

Are you a lawyer practicing on your own?  Do you have a shortage of funds?  Is it becoming difficult for you to collaborate with other lawyers?  Is the constant interaction and communication with your clients eating into your operating budget?  These are common concerns for lawyers who practice on their own or are part of a relatively small law firm.

What can cloud computing do about this?  Savings.  Many software applications today run on the cloud, which means that they are comparatively cheaper to use while giving smaller law firms a competitive edge over larger firms in terms of technical capabilities.  Data management, collaboration, and security become more efficient without having to dole out hundreds or thousands of dollars in equipment and manpower investment.

Since cloud computing makes your files available virtually anywhere, it puts you in equal footing with larger firms by giving you the ability to increase collaboration and enhanced communication with other lawyers and clients through file sharing technology.  Need to stay in touch?  There is email and online video conferencing at your disposal.  Synchronizing calendars can also be done so that nobody misses an appointment.  All of these conveniences come at a reasonably affordable price tag.

Cloud-Based Tools

As mentioned, there are many tools being used by lawyers today that are part of cloud computing that they are not completely aware of.  Aside from email and collaboration software, there are also tasks management applications that improve the efficiency of lawyers in handling various cases.

These cloud-based tools offer many benefits for law firms and lawyers by making them more appealing to clients because of the improved interaction.  Clients can easily get hold of their lawyers any time using a variety of cloud-based communication software, eliminating the need to make a physical visit to the law firm.

Does this mean that practicing law would become an online industry in the future?  The possibility is endless.  However, as for now, it is important for every lawyer to understand how cloud computing can enhance their ability to serve the interests of their clients while keeping the cost of operation at a minimum.

To do this would take time and careful planning based on the actual operation of the law firm and its target clients.  For the meantime, finding the delicate balance between traditional law practice and being on the cloud can yield the best result for solo practitioners and small law firms.

Now that you know all the benefits of cloud computing for law practice, Contact NexStep today to get cloud based law practice management with affordable price and many favorable features for your law practice.