Law Firms Checklist on Choosing a Cloud Computing Provider

It is amazing to know that more lawyers are becoming receptive to web-based legal software.  With this comes a wider acceptance of cloud computing solutions that make practice of the law profession more convenient and flexible.  However, before you jump on the cloud computing bandwagon, do you know how to choose the right provider for your needs?

The Features

Every law firm (and lawyer) will have a unique requirement in the practice of law.  This is why it is important to review the features being offered not only by the web-based software, but by the cloud computing provider as well.

By looking at the features and matching them with your specific requirements, you can be sure that you will remain functional and competitive.  How does management-free technology sound?  Would you want a full-scale law management system?  What about billing and online storage?  These are just some feature considerations that you must look into.

It is important to note that just because a platform does not have all the features you want that you should rule it out.  Keep in mind that one of the distinct advantages of cloud computing is that developers can easily implement changes based on user preference and feedback.  This means that the feature missing now can be include after a couple of weeks.

User Interface

With the perceived limited technological capabilities of many lawyers, the importance of having a user-friendly interface must be emphasized.  You have to consider that once a transition to cloud computing has been achieved, the lawyers of the firm will be spending most of their time on the platform.

Just some of the key takeaways you must consider in terms of interface is the ease of use, manipulation of the system, and acceptability of the users.  Many would be paying attention on the price, although this can be a consideration, it should not be one of your priorities.

You also need to make sure that any subsequent updates will not diminish the user interface, but, improve it.  There have been too many great performing software applications that have been destroyed by their updates.

Ease of Transition

It is important to choose a cloud computing provider that will make your transition from traditional (or whatever system you have now) to cloud computing almost seamless.  Consideration should cover the easy importation of data as well as inclusion of any existing programs.  Will you be able to continue to use current software or do you need to replace them?  Compatibility will be a huge issue when transitioning is considered.

Customer Support and Satisfaction

Many would not pay attention to this, but actually, this can be one of those deal breakers in choosing the right cloud computing provider.  You have to realize the huge importance that customer support plays especially when transitioning to the cloud.

The importance of customer satisfaction becomes relevant as you begin to use your cloud provider’s services.  It would be easy to predict that some lawyers will have a problem with the transition and a responsive customer service department will go a long way in ensuring user acceptability of the system.  The customer service of the cloud provider must be able to respond and resolve your concerns quickly and efficiently.

The beauty of technology is that finding what other customers think of the provider is relatively easy.  You can use blog posts, customer reviews, and other online tools to research the level of customer satisfaction.


Last but definitely not the least; you have to research on the security protocols implemented by your chosen cloud computing provider.  You have to keep in mind the ethical obligation of your law firm, and you as a lawyer to your clients that their information must remain confidential and secured at all times.

Check for any instances of ethical breach on the part of the provider.  Also establish the breach notification procedure that the provider has in place to make sure that you are immediately informed once a breach of your data has been done.

If you follow all of these suggestions, you will find out that choosing the right cloud computing provider is not as difficult as it sounds.

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