What will Your Law Firm Gain from Cloud Computing

By now you may have already heard all the hype about Cloud computing platform and how it can give your business access to all these advanced technology and state-of-the-art applications at a fraction of the cost of implementing it on your own.

For huge law firms, this can be quite attractive and may deliver substantial savings; but for small to medium-sized firms, how much can they really benefit from Cloud computing?  Are there any life shattering advantages in stored that makes it easier to decide to move into the Clouds?  Well, they may not be life shattering, but they surely are worth considering.

Efficient Capital Expenditure Management

When can capital expenditure management be considered efficient?  When it is implemented without reduction of functionality.  This is one of the most common benefits that Cloud computing can provide law businesses because there is no need to shell out additional capital for buying software and equipment as well as updating them.

This means completely skipping huge upfront expenses without being stuck with an antiquated system that does very little for your business needs.  The investment in a predictable monthly fee that is manageable will be quite an incentive considering all the advanced capabilities that become available to the business.  Stressing over maintaining systems and access to state-of-the-art technology also becomes a non-issue.

Impact on Cost

As we take into account the importance of total cost of ownership (TCO), it is important to note that as Cloud solutions will drastically reduce upfront investments, it will also have significant impact on many recurring expenses that law businesses have to deal with.

Activities like regular maintenance, technical support, manpower training, and other necessities become the responsibility of the provider resulting in lowered TCO and freeing up of funds that can be used for other service critical activities.  For small to medium-sized law businesses, this can also mean substantial savings that can be used to generate more business for the following year.

IT Staff Efficiency

How much will investing in an efficient IT staff eat into your business?  For small to medium-sized law businesses, we can imagine that it can be quite substantial.  As for larger law businesses that have the budget to employ an efficient IT staff, the focus turns to supporting more favorable projects that will contribute to business growth rather than focusing on maintaining and troubleshooting of IT systems.

Cloud platforms help to resolve this type of productivity issue through their IT experts that ensure systems are running perfectly while your IT specialists focus on what is more essential to your business.

Mobile Support

With mobile computing becoming more popular and widely used, it becomes important for this segment of the workforce to have the same experience and support regardless whether they are inside or outside the office.

This is precisely what Cloud platforms deliver without prejudice to the physical location of the mobile worker.  With the delivery of consistent and enhanced services that is not location-dependent, law businesses are actually paying for productivity more than anything else.

Continuity of Business

What will happen to your law business when your office servers are on downtime?  Will you lose valuable information and income?  There are many possibilities that can be considered in this scenario; all of which are detrimental to the operation of your law business.

With Cloud computing, your law business benefits from enhanced disaster recovery through seamless, sophisticated, and automatic backup methods that will save your precious data.  Having redundancy in place will help ensure that your systems are always running and your data secured and protected.

These benefits are becoming more undeniable especially for law businesses with dispersed workforces spread over a wide geographical location.

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