Shifting Your Law Firm to Cloud Computing Environment

When you realize how effective cloud computing is when used properly, it’s not really a surprise that a recent study shows about 82% of the companies spoken to have some sort of cloud strategy going compared to the 74% that were using the technology in 2014.

There is a culture shift that has to take place for cloud computing to work out. If your company doesn’t accept the change, or doesn’t make the change at all you’re in for some trouble.

Everyone Must Realize the Benefits

While you’ve read the studies and seen firsthand the benefits that cloud computing can bring to your company, the same probably can’t be said for all your employees. Many are familiar with getting their job done in one way, and you’re going to flip things over and force them to do it another.

It’s vital, that before you do this you have to help them understand what they are gaining rather than what they are losing. Sure they have to change their routine, but if they get that it’s for the better and it is going to make life easier for them, they will welcome the change rather than resenting it.

The Benefits in Numbers

CMSWire put together a survey asking hundreds of companies about how implementing social and more interactive communication methods changed the business. Most enterprises reported huge increases in productivity and there was an average productivity increase of about 15% between all the companies surveyed.

There was also a 2% to 4% increase in total revenue and a 21% email reduction overall. Those are all major improvements to the company and that’s likely not even the full picture of benefits that a company can expect from the technology.

Making the Move a Smooth One

Everyone in your workforce isn’t going to accept the technology shift overnight. Many will resent the change at first and take some time to come around. That’s why it’s up to you to make sure they know it is coming well before you actually put it in place.

Just mention the technology and its benefits and let your workers know that you are considering moving to it or that you are planning to make the change in the future. Give people a chance to ask questions and to figure out for themselves why the change makes sense and how it is going to help them individually.

It’s up to you to get everyone on board before you make the change, or at least as many people as you possibly can. Unhappy employees simply aren’t as productive and can singlehandedly diminish all the benefits that you would have received from your move to a cloud infrastructure.

If you can convince your team to be on the same page as you, you’ve already made the most difficult and important step and you can move on with adopting the new technology with confidence. It’s the way that businesses all seem to be moving, and it’s important that you make the move before all of your competitors do if you don’t want to be left behind.

If you plan on shifting to cloud computing in the near future, be smart and keep your employees informed. Try to explain to them the benefits of the technology and try to figure out a way to get them familiar with cloud computing in some small way first. The more you ease your workers into the technology, the better the final result is going to be. You’ll get more out of working with major providers like NexStep when you get all your workers on board first before making the investment.

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