The Importance of Remote Computing your Law Firms

Do you agree that the quality of work being done is more important than where the work is being done?  The idea of telecommuting is not something new; in fact it has been around for quite some time.  But why is now a good time to implement it?

Primarily because of the popularity of mobile computing and the wide availabilities of reliable internet connection.  These are 2 things that were not possible before, but can have tremendous positive impact in today’s professional environment.  Why should law firms use remote computing technology?

Maintain Productivity

A lawyer’s work is not confined inside the law firm or the courtroom.  Providing them with the ability to work from virtually any secure location will do wonders on the amount of productivity they can deliver in every case.

The important thing to understand in maximizing the benefits of secure remote computing and the internet is to have the right partner or provider to implement the technology.  When all of these things come together your law firm:

  • Becomes flexible in accessing valuable information while cutting down on the cost and time spent on commuting;
  • Can remain productive even when the weather is extremely bad or other instances that make it difficult to come to the office;
  • Legal assistants (not just lawyers) get more work done because they can find places with less distractions; and
  • Will be able to devote more time to reviewing cases and other workloads when time permits at home or other remote location, instead of pulling an all-nighter at the office.

Information on Demand

Traditionally, finalizing contracts, completing briefs, or preparing for court trials were done strictly within the confines of the office because of security concerns for case files and information.  Seldom will law firms allow associates to carry crates of files out of the office to do work at home; this can result in lost case files.

With the availability of technology and computerization of case files and other information, lawyers can now do their work without having to physically pull the file out of the office.

The secure remote access combined with paperless case filing allows for information to be readily available on-demand.  Even when the lawyer is already in court and in front of a judge and jury, case files can be pulled out and reviewed during the course of the trial.  This makes every activity positively count with minimal downtime.  Billable time of clients also become more acceptable and practical.

Save Time and Money

In the long term, firms that invest in remote computing technology will save more time and money.  Imagine how multiple copies of files are needed just to allow different lawyers to work on a single case?  Or how difficult it is to get information because another lawyer is reading the case file?  With remote computing, all of these become things of the past.  The digital copy of the case file can be read simultaneously by anybody who has a secure access to the network and its contents.

When you incorporate other technologies like Voice over IP (VoIP) for example, it becomes possible to have a virtual office.  This allows you law firms to get smaller spaces and save on the rent money.  The savings can then be allocated to other things that can help the law firm to move forward or improve its services.

Setting up virtual offices saves time and money by compensating the cost of going from one physical location to another.  This can also translate to better revenues because now law offices can simple setup a virtual office in another location even without renting a physical space.

Now that you know the importance of remote computing your law firms, you have to make sure that you choose a technology partner that can translate your office structure to a digital model.  NexStep can ensure on-demand information availability and responsiveness to client needs for your law firms.

Contact NexStep to get the benefit of remote computing your law firm effectively and efficiently.