Use Your Time and Money Efficiently with Cloud Computing

As an attorney, just how valuable an asset is your time or money?  Efficient attorneys usually rely on tools that will help them get the job done in a shorter time.

With the practice of law, time and money are very valuable commodities; after all, clients are mostly billed by how much time an attorney spends on their case.  How can cloud technology make time and money more valuable for attorneys?

Sharing and Collaboration

If you have been in the legal practice for a substantial amount of time, then you would know just how important paper trails are.  Traditionally, law firms would keep track of cases and other transactions using paper records.  These documents are traditionally kept in steel filing cabinets or libraries for easier access.  However, with the introduction of cloud technology, the easier got even easier.

This is because cloud technology offers a number of tools that enhances the efficiency of document management.  Not only does it allow for better sharing and collaboration, it also makes storage and searching for data easier and faster.

Another advantage that the technology presents is that it can be deployed across a number of platforms like desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or even smartphones.  This type of flexibility present huge advantages because it saves them time in accessing information, allowing them to spend more time with other clients.

The typical attorney would send clients documents using the email attachment feature.  This holds true even for markups and drafts.  This is not a bad practice, but, it can be improved with the long email threads getting out of the way or messages being sent back and forth without a clear resolution for the problem at hand.  With cloud technology, documents can be read, edited, and saved simultaneously allowing attorney and client to work in real time.  This dramatically increases the value of time for both.

Data Transmission and Access

Security has and will always be a big issue for law firms.  Many law firms have lost money because of security breaches, and many have spent countless time fighting off such attempts.  This obviously is a waste of the law firm’s time and money.  So how can cloud technology make its time and money more valuable?

With cloud technology, attorneys and clients can maintain confidentiality through the institutionalization of numerous security protocols like data encryption and various levels of permissions.  This means that even when documents are sent back and forth, they remain encrypted so even when it is hijacked, the information remains useless unless decrypted.

The inclusion of user permissions will further boost the security measures for attorneys or law firms that use cloud technology.  This makes it virtually impossible for anyone to read documents where they have no assigned rights to.  Even specific folders or files can be given passwords as well as other authentication measures to increase security.

Aside from the secure access, cloud technology makes it possible to access the secured information from virtually anywhere that has a data device and an Internet connection.  An attorney can work from home and service multiple clients simultaneously, thereby boosting his earning potentials.


Veering away from the traditional practice of law can also have its own sets of advantages.  For example, cloud technology allows attorneys to get the signatures of clients even when they are physically apart.  There are services available that will allow signatures to be placed on fields in the document where they are required.

This type of innovation makes it easier to get documents, contracts, agreements, and other types of files to be signed by both attorney and client.  Aside from being hassle-free, these applications for gathering signatures also come with its own set of security protocols using authentication procedures to verify the electronic signature.  This is combined with the audit trail that stamps when the document was opened, sent, received, and even signed. Adopting to the cloud technology will definitely boost the value of time and money for every attorney.

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