Growing to an Efficient Law Practice

Do you know what a DIY Management System is?  This is a do-it-yourself management system that you put together on your own because you believe that you have the technical skills to do it.  Normally, this is done by those who do not want to spend more money in their operation.  The question you have to ask yourself though is how efficient is the system you created?  Would you rather run and maintain the system or practice law?

Efficient System

When it comes to information systems, it does not only relate to how documents are tracked, stored, and used based on the needs of clients.  Efficiency should also define how much it contributes to the operation of your business to ensure that profit is generated.

So if you are billing a client $250 per hour you would not want to do any activities that would cut into ensuring you get the full amount you bill.  For example, if you work 40 hours a week, you are looking at $10,000 billable for the week.  Would you really want to deduct 5% from that because you have to maintain your legal practice management system?

If you are in the practice of law, then that is all you should be concentrating your time and efforts in.  You also have to consider, would the time you spend maintaining the system bring in more customers for you, or possibly allow you to work from anywhere?

Part of being efficient is having the ability to leverage your time and skills.  If you put 5% of what you earn in a week and use it to invest in Cloud-based legal practice management system, you will become more cost-efficient and a more effective lawyer.  Why?  Because you will focus all your energies in practicing law to serve your clients and you leave the running and maintenance of the system to people who do it best.

In return, this opens up your practice to gather more clients and allow you to operate from virtually anywhere as there is an internet connection.  You do not even need a laptop computer, you can use your smartphone to access all the information you need.  This is what efficiency is all about; spending time well and increasing the profit potentials of your legal practice.

Your Growing Practice

Are you aware that as your legal practice grows, your IT management needs to grow with it?  This means that you cannot have a one-man IT band forever.  If you do not grow your IT team together with your business, you will find yourself focusing more on the IT demands of your practice rather than spending more time on serving your clients by concentrating on their legal needs.

Do you really have the time to switch between applications, manage the system, and update it when necessary?  Would you rather do this than let a management free technology legal practice software handle everything for you without tying your hands in IT work?  Isn’t it better to just have an efficient practice management system that will give you all the information you will need at a single glance?

These are things you need to consider as your practice begins to grow.  And as your practice grows, the more areas of it can become prone to breakdowns causing aggravating and costly downtime.  Now, if you had a cloud-based legal practice management system, all of these things would be a non-issue.  All you need is an internet connection and a device that has a browser and you are all set to go.  What happens to all those problems you experience as you grow your business?  The cloud provider takes care of them, period!

Ethical Security

One of the critical issues being raised with cloud computing is the need for client confidentiality.  There is a fear that the information of the client can be exposed to unnecessary risks because of its online platform.

In reality, there are two parts in this concern scenario.  The first is that as a legal practitioner, if you subscribe to a cloud computing service, you must exercise reasonable care.  The other part of the equation is that you should look for a cloud provider that offers responsible security for your data.

Yes, not all cloud providers are equal!  As long as your cloud provider can deliver above industry standard security, their data centers are equipped with the necessary security protocols, and the software protection mechanisms for your stored data are regularly updated, then ethically securing client data should no longer be a concern.  Selective access to data must always be specified in the terms of service.

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