The Most Common Cloud Computing Misunderstandings

Many legal companies still seems like a company that hasn’t had time to mature or develop technology yet. That is not really the case any longer when the technology has been around for more than a decade now.

Even though it’s been out for so long, there are still misconceptions around the technology and it’s important to break these stereotypes if you are going to make the most of the cloud at your company.

If you ever heard that cloud computing is dangerous, that encryption is foolproof, or that cloud-stored information is not going to be safe without a doubt, make sure that you read on to learn that you might not know quite as much as you thought you did about the technology.

Cloud Computing is Dangerous

What would you say if I told you that storing information up on the cloud was actually more secure than putting it on your own internet-connected computer? I know, shocking right! Well, in most cases that’s the truth.

Good quality cloud providers have more security measures in place to protect your valuable information than you ever will at your private office. That’s why you can actually trust in keeping the information online more than storing it away yourself.

If you want to protect your client information, choose a reputable cloud storage provider that specializes in offering secure storage, and go with them instead. You’ll enjoy enhanced productivity and the information will be safer for it as well.

Encryption is Always Protective

Encryption is usually used for data that is being moved from one place to another, like when you place an order on a web store and your card information must be transmitted. Data storage companies often encrypt the files that are kept in one place though to offer them additional protection.

It is important that when you pick a company to keep your information safe, you find one that does encrypt your information, not only when in transit but also when it is at restand one that keeps the encryption key in a location that isn’t available on the network.

You don’t want to work with a company that stores the key right in the software for the server, otherwise it’s making it vulnerable to attack. That is why you must take your time and find a reputable cloud storage company to rely on instead. Legal-specific companies are especially reliable because of how sensitive the data being stored is.

Cloud Computing Never Fails

To increase cloud computing protections for your data you have to take a few actions to ensure that you have a safe and reliable service for the safety of your law firm.

The first step you should take is putting authentication measures in place to prevent access from the stored data. This means passwords or even fingerprints scanners to protect the data properly.

Cloud computing is a good service for any law firm, but only when it’s done right. Take the time to find a good service provider that you can rely on. Only taking all these measures will help you remain safe over time, and that’s pretty important when you’re dealing with delicate legal documents.

Contact NexStep to get the benefits of cloud computing for your law office, so you can focus on your core competencies as a lawyer and also maintain data security and management.