Challenging New Trend in Law Business with Cloud Computing

There are plenty of studies backing up cloud data and cloud-based software solutions, which isn’t really that surprising anymore since so many businesses continue talking about how they’re benefitting from the technology. What is surprising is how rapidly the entire business world seems to be adopting this technology.

About 48% of businesses relied on some type of cloud computing back in 2010. Over a period of just five years that number nearly doubled to a whopping 84% according to the Cloud Industry Forum. That’s a gain that nobody predicted, not even the experts.

Cloud Computing was the Inevitable Answer

Most tech firms agreed that cloud computing was likely to take off and become the popular means of running a business, or at least portions of it. That doesn’t mean that the tech world thought that businesses would take to the technology as much as they have, or that it would be nearly as successful as it has been.

Out with the Old and in with the New

A study by Dell’Oro Group shows that most servers today are being sold for use in cloud computing data centers. The number of enterprise data centers that are sold today has slowed to a grinding halt. That’s just another piece of evidence showing companies prefer someone else handling their data for them to simplify daily work and streamline important processes.

This is the same pattern that other companies in the business such as SteelBrick are seeing as well. It’s a good day to be in data center management, and most companies are shifting toward cloud software offerings and month-to-month payment solutions rather than standalone software products. Software as a service seems to be the way to go for providers and for the business owners using the solutions.

It Is All or Nothing

If switching to cloud computing scares you because you are afraid of putting your company’s welfare in the hands of someone else’s business, you need not worry so much. You don’t have to transfer your entire business to the cloud, and few businesses do this anyway.

Instead, you can simply rely on cloud solutions for the aspects of your business that it makes the most sense, and keep doing what you are doing everywhere else. Cloud integration is becoming a way of life for folks in the business world and eventually you’re at least going to have to consider the technology if you want to keep up with the vast majority of businesses that are beginning to rely on it.

It Makes Sense Financially

It often makes complete sense financially to switch to a cloud service to run areas of your business. Not only does doing this allow you to stop relying on quite so many employees in your office, it also allows you to take advantage of the scale discounts that data center operators are able to offer.

You aren’t paying the salary of 10 employees to manage all your company’s data, instead you are paying a very small share of the overall operating costs that are shared between hundreds or thousands of other businesses. By scaling up these solutions and moving those away from one single business things get cheaper.

Not only that, but you’ll have the option to change up your technology when you want to without worrying about significant losses. Investments into individual technologies are diminishing and companies are relying on month-to-month services more often than products that have to last for years.

You Get the Latest Features

Finally, you have to consider how relying on cloud technology that’s constantly evolving is going to benefit your business in another way. It’s going to keep you with the latest features as they change. Instead of buying a server setup with a list of features that never change for your company, you get access to technology that is constantly changing, evolving and offering new features to customers. Your company is always going to be up to date and there will never be a shock when upgrading to new technology because it will happen gradually. This should help keep company operations smoother and cut down on the training that has to be completed.

Cloud computing is catching on like wildfire all over the business world. Companies like NexStep are offering great technology packages to legal businesses and businesses in all the other sectors. If you want to improve your business quickly and easily, one of the best things that you can do is switch to this technology.

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