Using Cloud Computing as Disaster Recovery for Your Law Firm

If you’re considering cloud computing for your law office you probably know about many of the benefits that such a setup offers. You know that you’ll save time on cases, that you might be able to work with fewer staff members and that your business will be more streamlined overall.

Even if those things aren’t enough to convince you to make the move to such technology it might be worth considering how the tech will help you prepare for a disaster.

Disasters Happen

As a law firm you are handling very delicate information and it is important the files you have aren’t lost. During the Brooklyn fire in March of 2015 the New York State Office of Court Administration suffered heavy losses from the flames and didn’t have backups.

With more than 85,387 boxes of records lost, serious legal issues arose for everyone that worked with the organization in the past, and the company faced serious issues. It would have to rely on emails and information sent to other offices to get as much back as possible and some would be lost no matter what. Files from the 1940’s up through 1998 were lost, that’s a pretty big deal.

It’s important to realize that such things could happen to you as well, and unless you have everything backed up at an offsite location as well, you could be in serious trouble from something like a fire.

Ready Your Business

Instead of panicking about the impending disaster that’s going to collapse your company, be proactive and plan against it. Instead of relying on paper go digital.

Cloud computing is an excellent way to protect files. It’s a cheap way to back up all your files and have them with you anywhere that you need them. If you already have digital copies of your files it won’t be an issue to turn to the cloud at all. If you don’t you have some serious work ahead of you, but it’s work you should be doing anyway.

Work with Pros

While you could attempt to make the move all on your own, that’s going to leave a lot up to chance. It makes a lot more sense to work with a business like NexStep to ensure you nail the transformation properly the first time.

Cloud computing means storing all your valuable files in a professionally managed server warehouse somewhere far away from your location. It’s superior to in-house digital storage because it is managed by professionals and because it helps protect your data against local disasters.

It’s more redundant, and redundancy is exactly what you want when it comes to protecting valuable legal documents.

A Much Better Situation

Had the company digitized all their documents before the fire it wouldn’t have been the major disaster that it was. None of the documents would have been lost because they would be held safely at an off-site location.

The company would be able to focus on having insurance replace equipment and fix up any damage on the building itself. That, I’m sure would be a welcome change from the current problems that they face with the business.

That’s why it makes so much sense to digitize your documents. Anyone dealing with a large number of important documents on a regular basis should back them all up via the cloud. If they don’t they’re just asking for trouble later on.

I know it can be scary to move to new technology, but it’s worth the time, effort and slight discomfort of learning something new to make this happen for your company. Believe me you don’t want to run into a similar situation and that is why cloud computing as disaster recovery makes so much sense.

Contact NexStep to get your data protection in the cloud and shield your data against unexpected disaster that will affect your work credibility.