Changing Your Law Practice with Cloud Computing

Can cloud computing have a significant enough impact to change the way law is practiced?  Despite the projections that as many as 90% of organizations (regardless of size) will eventually end up in the cloud, there are still some reservations when it comes to practicing law.

These reservations are anchored mostly on the view that the legal profession is a very conservative one, in the sense that it adheres to specific traditions in doing things.  So how can cloud computing change your law practice?

Structuring Data

One of the greatest cost-benefits of cloud computing is that it provides access to extremely sophisticated software that will otherwise cost law firms an arm and a leg to use.  These software applications can perform various functions like sorting, indexing, and searching contents for example.

The power provided by these applications put smaller law firms in equal footing with larger ones in terms of the IT capabilities and the ability to work on a variety of cross-platform deployments.

It is not new for law firms to use and monitor huge quantities of data and with the computing power provided by the cloud, the task becomes simpler and easier.  The ability to structure data will make law firms more responsive to the needs of the clients and increase the efficiency and performance of its lawyers.

Increased Administrative Efficiency

What is the use of having lots of clients if your law firm cannot collect on the man-hours spent?  It is important that in any organization, including law firms, intelligent administration of data is necessary to create revenues and ensure survival.

Cloud computing makes it possible to institutionalize reliable collection based on effective tracking and verification of information.  This process results in increased administrative efficiency that will make both the clients and the law firm happy.

Why?  Increased administrative efficiency means lawyers get the billable hours that they deserve.  Clients will be charged only what is necessary.  The law firm itself will ensure that it is getting the right profits from all the activities that it is supporting.  All of these are the result of a streamlined data management system that rests in the Cloud.

Another factor to be thankful for increased administrative efficiency is that it will create a reduction in the internal management expenses of the law firm.  The savings can be allocated to other beneficial and practical activities that can bring in more revenues.

Social Responsibility

It seems that every organization, big and small, are suddenly refocusing its efforts on becoming socially responsible.  How are they doing it?  By investing in sustainable office practices that are also environmental friendly.  Sustainable and environmental friendly, this is like describing Cloud computing.

Whether you are aware of it or not, Cloud-based processes are capable of reducing the energy usage of organizations by as much as 30%.  If you have a small law firm, the figure can reach even as high as 70% carbon footprint reduction.  Can you imagine the environmental benefits you are initiating?

Enhanced Collaboration

As a lawyer, how important is collaboration in your line of work?  What type of impact can an enhanced collaboration deliver?  Cloud computing can make it possible to increase the efficiency of your collaborative work through the power of cross-platform applications.  This means that every lawyer can choose the device to use in sharing and sending data.

More importantly, Cloud computing gives lawyers the ability to become mobile, agile, and flexibility through the convenience of working from virtually anywhere on the planet; provided that an Internet connection is available.  There are researches that suggest that enhanced collaboration increases employee engagement.  This becomes easier to achieve with Cloud computing.

Now, let’s bring all of these together.  How can cloud computing change your law practice?  Through its efficient deployment and usage within your particular organization.  How can you ensure that it will bring desirable results for your employees, increase responsiveness, and reduce your operating costs?  By investing in Cloud technology that can almost work by itself.

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