Backing Up Your Clients Data and Legal Files

Law firms rely on information for everything. Cases are built on research and without that research you simply can’t win. All the interviews that you conduct, all the forms that clients fill out, all the information that you gather in general is likely stored on a computer today.

If you aren’t taking steps to keep that information safe today, you’re asking for serious trouble. Just imagine how your business would be impacted if there was a fire? What about if your computer’s hard drive fails and you lose all the digital files for your clients? Either way the results could be catastrophic.

Keep Multiple Physical Backups

You should be storing several copies of your data to physical drives in your office and at a remote location to safekeep your information. That means setting up a system those copies all your files to several locations.

You can even keep backups on an external drive that you keep at home or in another building. Whatever you do, make sure that all that important data is stored in a few different places, because it can and will get destroyed if it is kept in just a single location.

Use the Power of the Cloud

Companies like NexStep help legal firms get started with cloud storage solutions. Cloud storage is essentially leveraging other companies’ computer servers to store your information. With cloud technology you can back up all that important information in several different locations and you can even set it to remain up to date with every change that you make.

With the technology you won’t have to drive to the office to access your files and you won’t have to worry about carrying around valuable files on an easily accessible laptop. Instead you can simply access the files through the Internet on any machine that you happen to be using. Even a smartphone or tablet could be used to access information.

Online Storage is Secure

There’s no need to worry about your important files being lost or accessed when stored with a reputable company online. They’re heavily encrypted and most of the time even the company handling your storage can’t access your files. That’s because they are designed so only the person with the proper credentials can get into the files.

All that sensitive data will be as safe as if you were storing it on your own personal computer, but it won’t be at risk of data corruption or of being damaged in a fire or extreme weather. You’ll be able to run your company without fear, and it really won’t cost you much either.

Online Storage is Affordable

Online storage is much more affordable than maintaining your own network of servers. It’s a cheap solution to keep your information safe and you can access all the storage space that you need. Whether you are keep recorded video, audio, photos or documents safe, it’s easy to do when you have an unlimited amount of storage space to work with. Every law firm should rely on the technology, and most are slowly converting.

As a legal professional you owe it to yourself and every client that you have to back up the files in a way that they aren’t going to get lost. Sure it’s a bit more work to get this handled, but it’s vital for the security of your company. Without proper backups you’re leaving your business up to chance, and that’s no way to run a successful company.

Take a few minutes off to help you figure out how to bring your information to the cloud and back things up a bit more successfully. Contact NexStep to get the benefit of cloud computing in backing up and storing data so you can access your data everywhere and anywhere. It will be worth your time.