Advantages of Application Hosting for Law Firms

Have you ever encountered a law firm that is heavily invested in technology?  Traditionally, law firms and technology are never used in the same sentence, right?  However, today things are changing; and all for the best as it may seem.  But what exactly can application hosting for law firm services deliver in terms of benefits?  Let us take a look at 5 possibilities.


One of the most appreciated benefits for law firms is that this solution can create numerous savings in terms of litigation support.  Instead of buying different hardware and software as well as investing in putting up the infrastructure, everything is taken care of by the host.  Taking a good look at the costs, you will definitely find that the hosted model tips the scales in your favor.

The savings also creates a level field, technology-wise, between firms with huge budgets and those with minimal ones.  This means that clients will eventually benefit from the application hosting.

Firms will likewise do away with the stresses and anxiety of server breakdowns or sudden technology-related expenses.  Everything will fit nicely into the monthly or annual budget of the law firm.


There should be no discussion that the data files of law firms should be protected from breaches and crashes.  For most firms, this would translate to having a separate department to handle this.

With hosting services, provide clients with a dedicated server as well as maintained by highly trained data security professionals working around-the-clock in data centers.  For majority of litigation practitioners, this is a huge upgrade not only how their data is managed, but also protected.

Risk and Disaster Management

Many hosting services have multiple data center locations qualified to host litigation data in private environments like in cloud computing.  This means that the exposure to data breaches is further minimized through the use of isolated private cloud environments that is further enhanced by collaborative security management with other organizations.  Risks are managed by controlling the access of qualified employees.

Have you ever considered the fact that on-site servers can be physically at risk as well?  For example, if there is a fire in the building, no security software can protect the data in the server from disaster.  Even on-site backup files are put at risk as well.

With application hosts, not only are the servers in a separate location, but the backups are created regularly and stored in 2 or 3 other locations making disaster recovery feasible regardless of the threat.

Cheaper Expertise

Law firms no longer have to invest in a team of technology professionals that have to be trained regularly to keep up with the various threats that crop up in the computing world in a daily basis.

Not only does this go back to the savings benefit, but also allows litigation firms to benefit from the technological expertise of application hosts by shelling only a fraction of the cost involved in maintaining an in-house technology department.  The great thing about this is that these professionals are experts in virtually all aspects of computing and computerization technology.


Finally, application hosting for law firms is simply convenient.  This means that instead of worrying about hardware breakdowns, data breaches, software upgrades, and the likes, litigation professionals will be able to concentrate all their efforts and resources into what really matters; taking care of their client’s needs.

Litigation firms will also have convenient access to different support environments provided by the application host.  In most instances, technical support is merely a phone call away.

With so many application host options, which can provide law firms with the most resources for their needs?  If you want technology to be at your fingertips anywhere you go while paying less than what most offer, then NexStep is definitely the best choice for your firm.

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